EDITORIAL- A much deeper societal problem

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POLICE are still searching for the mother of an infant, whose body was found early this week at the Holy Cross area in Honiara.

Apparently, the woman or girl left the baby at the church compound after her delivery.

Unfortunately, the baby was already dead when she was found.

At this stage, it’s not known whether the mother deliberately killed the infant or gave birth to a dead baby.

That is still subject to police and medical investigation.

This is not the first case of its kind.

In fact, similar cases have been discovered recently at various locations in Honiara.

Cases like this are a reflection of the moral decay of today’s society.

A situation where human lives no longer matter.

As is often the case, the quickest reaction is to turn around and condemn the mother.

Little did we realise that this is just a tip of a much deeper societal issue in our country today.

Issues such as unemployment, family breakdown, high school drop-out, hard economic situation and lack of respect for each other are some of the contributing factors.

But here’s the thing.

Girls, if you ended up pregnant, seek help.

You have aunties, women support groups, priests and pastors and other trusted friends you can share your stories with.

Don’t suffer alone.

There is always help out there.

Killing or neglecting the baby you carry should never be an option.

Even if your world is falling apart, never resort to killing a human soul.

You will live to regret it for the rest of your life if you do that.

The Holy Cross infant case is now a police matter.

The mother of the baby is out there in the community. Police are looking for her.

She should do the right thing.

Come forward, get help and surrender to police.

That’s the right course of action to take at this time.

Doing that will also allow you to seek much needed medical care!