East Road upgrade project well underway



PROGRESS has so far been witnessed on the current road upgrade from Fosim market to Kware bridge along East Malaita Road in Malaita province.

The 21-kilometre road upgrade is implemented by Trades Transformation Company Ltd and funded by World Bank through the Ministry of Community and Aviation (MCA) and Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) under the SIRAP program.

MPA for ward 15 of East Malaita constituency, Hon Edward Misite’e told SunAuki yesterday on the progress of the road-upgrade.

He said as of the weekend, a distance of 10 kilometers from Fosim market has been crated. Now, road-crating reaches Siskwa just before Kware bridge.

Misite’e said that graveling is next after the current road-crating and it seems the project will do in no-time considering the speed of work.

He said the current road-upgrade will be a relief to the deteriorated road condition faced along East Road since early this year.

“The situation has brought setbacks to public services like; education, agriculture, medicine and economic activities within the region.

“Now that work has begun on the 21km road from Fosim to Kware, people hope WB through SIG will also look at similar upgrade for road-segment from Kware onward.

“The deteriorated state of East Road extends from one-end to another and it would be pleasing to people if upgrade is done on the entire road,” Misite’e said.

However, he said that since the weekend traveling public of East Malaita are enjoying the current road upgrade and they thanked WB through SIG for the SIRAP program.

Misite’e said people appreciated the project, since it will bring back basic services they have been lacking in the region due to the situation.

He said the people eastern region look forward to the successful completion of the road-upgrade project and benefits they will achieve from it.

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