East Bugotu community on audio recording training


A series of trainings on audio recording for Bible translation was held at the East Bugotu, Nagholau community in Isabel province.

The organisation who spearheads the training is Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG) and Bible Translation Literacy Partnership, Solomon Islands (BTLP-SI).

The workshop started from March 6-21, 2018 with communities namely East Bugotu and Siasigara of the Nagholau constituency.

One of the female community leaders, Mrs Kathrine Gnochro who is also coordinating the programme in her district and province, said she believes recorded scriptures will help the people of Bugotu understand the word of God through their own language.

“I believe that the audio scripture recording will rally help the people and the generations of Bugotu speakers to hear the word of God through their own language and even those who did not know how to read and write can able to listen through the audio to fully understand what the messages in the scripture,” she said.

Mrs Gnochro also thanked the team which assisted them in the language audio recording.

Facilitators of the training include one from Germany, another form West Timor Indonesia and Mr & Mrs Lauren Runia from the United States.

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