EASI highlights its achievement

Economic Association of Solomon Islands President, Reuben Tovutovu
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ECONOMIC Association of Solomon Islands (EASI) has achieved a lot since 2016 up until now.

New elected President, Rueben Tovutovu highlighted this during his presentation at EASI Annual General Meeting at Heritage Park Hotel last Thursday.

Tovutovu said some of the achievements of EASI since November 2016 are:

  1. April 2017: Undertaken research to quantify the cost and impact of traffic congestion in Honiara with the Ministry of Infrastructure & Development, and Ministry of Lands and Housing.
  2. Attended the launching of ADB’s flagship report, The Asian Development outlook 2017.
  3. Hosted a seminar on ‘Public Finance reform’. – presenter Gordon Darcy Lilo.
  4. June 2017: Co-hosted a seminar with SICCI on Honiara’s traffic congestion.
  5. September 2017: Collaborated with SICCI on the review of PAYE tax with Ministry of finance and treasury (MoFT).
  6. 2017: SINU seminar talks on the theme ‘Economics and Finance’.  – Dr.  Luke Forau.
  7. January 2018: Paid a courtesy call to the Prime Minister.
  8. March 2018: Country partnership framework.
  9. : Australian Volunteer for development programme.
  10. March 2018 (23rd) – presentation by the Deputy prime minister – Leadership and Development in Solomon Islands.
  11. April 2018: ICT events budget panelist.
  12. 2019: Seminar Presentation with Tourism Solomons
  13. 2019: Collaborated with SICCI on a written submission to reduce electricity tariffs
  14. 2019: Seminar on Intellectual property Rights with Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs
  15. 2019: EASI Members participated in the VAT review with IRD
  16. 2019: Seminar of the Tina Hydro Power Project and its socio-economic benefits, with MOFT
  17. 2020: Oxfam Project: Issues based study on SIG Budget and service delivery
  18. August 2020 – January 2021
  19. 2021: Collaborated with SICCI on “Private Sector Pathway to COVID-19 Recovery Strategy” Launch –
  20. 2021: Co-host the launching of ADB’s flagship report, The Asian Development outlook 2020 at Heritage Park Hotel
  21. Telecommunication Commission of Solomon Islands (TSCI) Project: Market Analysis of Telecommunication Data from March – April 2021
  22. May 2021: Awareness talk at Tenaru Secondary School

Tovutovu said EASI short term plans are to:

  1. Continue to increase and expand awareness programmes to schools.
  2. Continue partnership talks with TCSI
  3. Continue to liase with Australian Volunteers Program

Its Medium and Long Term are:

  1. Continue to strengthen the association by increasing membership.
  2. Organise economic debates and quizzes for schools.
  3. Continue to network with other organisations.
  4. Establish economic research centre/institute. 
  5. Enhance teaching and learning of economic science in Solomon Islands

EASI was established in 2001 by prominent economist in Solomon Islands and registered as a charitable organization under the Charitable Act No. 41 of 2001.

Since establishment in 2001 association went through an optimistic path coupled with challenges mostly due to financial constraints and weak membership base.

Since 2001 and 2015, EASI went through rigorous planning and transition

EASI has regularly involved in policy dialogues with the Parliamentary Accounts committee and the bills committee.