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Leader of ‘kingdom movement’ in Malaita province clarifies prophecies and promises



ON January 16, 2018, it was predicted by the ‘kingdom movement’ in Malaita province that doomsday events would take place – this did not eventuate.

Following this failure in its prophecy, the leader of the movement, the so-called prophet Kalen, has spoken out in an attempt to clarify his group’s prophecies and promises.

In an interview with Island Sun in Auki, Kalen said, “information that went around the social media and the print media is not true because I have prophesied the signs of the end times but the public interpret it wrongly.

“I receive lots of critics from the comments made by the people in the country about the information misinterpreted in the public.

“I prophesied that in the end times there will be more mysterious things will happen and more people will come in a form of preaching the word of god but we must stand firm and believe the truth.

“I have prophesied this way back in 1971 during my younger days that before the world will be coming to its end there will be more false teachings and prophets and confusions will takes place.”

Kalen insists that the country must not take his teachings wrongly or distort them, adding that ‘it will come to a time that what the bible say will come true’.

“Information which spread around the country at the moment is misleading because I have no idea on what is going on out in the public.

“The gathering that happened last week and during this week at my home is we have gathered for a religious gathering according to our religion.

“I call on my good people in Malaita and in the country at large I have been prophesying the signs of the end times,” Kalen said.

It is understood that the kingdom movement had declared that January 16 (Tuesday this week) would bring about cataclysmic doomsday activities to people who are non-believers of the movement.

But, for followers, riches in the form of material goods, houses, servants and money will be given them.

Leading up to Tuesday (Jan 16) this week, a lot of followers had reportedly sold off their properties in anticipation of the promised riches that would unfold on that day.

It is now public knowledge that things did not eventuate as the movement had foretold.

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