We don’t control prices at Central market: HCC

The Market Master, HCC Mr Jimmy Hanson Riunga
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MARKET Management of the Honiara City Council (HCC) has no control over pricing of crops sold by venders at the central market.

HCC only deals with daily collection of market fees, and ensures environment around the market is conducive and inclusive to users.

HCC Market Master, Mr Jimmy Hanson Riunga reveals this, adding that price hikes result from venders who pay crops from farmers and resell them at the market.

“That is why they put such prices, and for HCC to control their prices is not under any ordinance that clearly spell out that area,” Mr Riunga said.

When asked if HCC have plans in place to address the issue, Riunga said currently there are no discussions or clear direction of information.

He said if given control over price control it would create discriminatory among venders, and will not meet HCC’s vision for market to provide inclusive space for all.

HCC Deputy Clerk Mr Fred Jones also admits the council’s limitation regarding control of prices at the main market.

Price control over crops at the central market depends on venders, he adds.

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