Dark tint laws apply on public transports only: HCC


HONIARA City Council (HCC) law on dark tinted vehicle windows is for public transport vehicles only and not privately owned ones, says the HCC taskforce responsible for transportation service.

Taskforce chairman Hon Eddie Ngava made the clarification in an exclusive interview with Island Sun yesterday, saying HCC is only interested in licensed public transport running services within Honiara boundary – not private vehicles.

He said private vehicles come under the national government’s mandate because they pay tax to the Inland Revenue.

“We did not have much say on private vehicle but our interest is only public transportation service vehicles because they pay business license with HCC.”

He adds the issue of public transport with heavy tinted windows has been a concern for a long time.

“So council thinks it’s right time to do it because we issue them license and run the service for public, and there must be no dark tinted vehicle on public transportations.”

Mr Ngava said the whole idea behind banning of dark tinted windows is the safety of the travelling passengers using the public transport.

For buses that run services outside of Honiara boundary, Ngava says it is in the hands of the Guadalcanal province.

“But if they issue licence to enter city they must not be tinted dark, so it best to remove tint although you run out of town boundary,” he said.


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