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Mr Oscar Herrero, a young lad from Spain who represents world organization emergency called Doctors without Borders currently in Honiara for two-week

THE renowned international NGO, the Doctors Without Borders is here in the country to raise funds.

Mr Oscar Herrero is here on a two-week mission for the humanitarian cause of supporting the organisation which saves lives in many of the world’s war zones.

The ministry of health (MHMS) is aware of the Spaniard’s programme here, which also includes promoting and increasing awareness on the organisation’s work around the world.

The Doctors without Borders is a voluntary group of professional medical and health doctors – they go and save lives where many do not dare go.

Money collected here is purposely to meet services and demands needed in times of emergencies.

This brand of humanitarianism concept of emergency aid was founded in 1958 to basically attend to medic emergencies.

It is similar to Red Cross but the difference is their mission only targets medical emergencies during war and disaster crisis.

They have more volunteers around the world to travel for support, raise funds and promoting the group, which explains Herrero’s presence here.

According to the Guinness World Record, Herrero is the youngest person to visit all the countries of the world including Solomon Islands.

He is 21 years old, and has already visited 55 countries in 8 months. According to the Guinness World Record he must visit 195 countries in total before reaching age 24, which leaves him with 140 countries to go.

“Hello everyone, I’m in Solomon Islands try to beat Guinness World Record and doing this trip is to try collecting money for Doctors Without Borders programme,” Herroro said.

He adds, part of his mission here is to collect information as well and share experiences from different countries and try to help people who really need help and helping organisations.

Herrero knows about Solomon Islands as a destination famous with WWII histories, landmarks and war relics including the cultural diversity the country holds.

His stay here will be limited to Guadalcanal island only; he has so far been to west Guadalcanal, to WWII sites.

“Solomon Islands is a beautiful country, I like Solomon Islands, people are so kind, nice and friendly.

“The only thing I see little filthy in the city is a lot of garbage, but I like people are good and I enjoy a lot and I want to learn more about culture here.”

Herrero left the Spain University at age 19 and decided to travel around Europe. He chose traveling purposely to experience new learning and share his experiences to places visited around the world.

He also makes use of the opportunity to spread the word regarding Doctors without Borders.

Doctor without Borders’ first mission was to the Nicaraguan capital, Managua, where an earthquake in 1972 had destroyed most of the city and killed between 10,000 and 30,000 people.

In 1974, they set up a relief mission to help people of Honduras after Hurricane Fifi caused major flooding and killed thousands of people.

In 1975 it established its first large-scale medical programme during a refugee crisis, providing medical care for the waves of Cambodians seeking sanctuary from Pol Pot’s oppressive rule.

In these first missions, weaknesses identified were; preparation was lacking, doctors left unsupported, and supply chains were tangled.

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