Disregard for covid-19 safety rules rife in Auki

Auki town.
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The general disregard for covid-19 safety measures in Auki is irking authorities.

Chairman of Malaita’s disaster operations committee, Charles Koto voiced this to Island Sun yesterday.

He said the continued behavior of many in Auki public is putting everyone at risk, such as going out in public without face mask, standing or sitting close to other people, disregarding the two-metre distance law.

Koto reminds public that these careless attitudes will only encourage further spread of the virus in the province.

He said recently PDOC reopened Auki betel nut market and scaled up activity for Auki main market under schedule considering people’s need to support their livelihood.

Koto said the markets were opened under very strict conditions and people were tasked to enforce covid-19 measures, however it appears they are not.

He said not only the markets, but there are other services in Auki like public transports need to step up on application of the measures.

Koto said PDOC continues to monitor situation in Auki especially public movement and other activities and will advise public on developments ahead.

He called on residents in Auki and its surrounding communities to take up responsibility in this covid-19 campaign to protect each and everyone from the virus.

Koto said PDOC through EOC will continue to work with people in the province as face with transmission in the province.