Ship share-holder not privy to details of MOI trip

The MV Solomon Prestige 2 in Ontong Java on its latest trip last week. PHOTO SUPPLIED
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ONE of the directors of Premium Food (SI) Limited that owns MV Solomon Prestige 2 has refused to give full details on who authorized the vessel to travel to Ontong Java last week.

The ship arrived at Luaniau island with the Patrol boat on Thursday 17th February and offloaded cargoes before leaving for Pelau on Monday night this week.

It is expected back in Honiara tomorrow.

Gabriel Victor Titili who holds 30 percent shares in the company said he is not privy to that information but his captain.

He said the vessel will be back on Thursday and things will become clearer after consulting his captain.

Yang Jian Qing, who owns JQY holds 70 percent shares in the company.

However, John Mao, one of the bech de mer agent of a Chinese in Honiara and a person who lives on Luaniau island, said the ship offloaded cargoes belonging to many local agents on the island.

Mao believed the Chinese in Honiara chartered the ship to Ontong Java.

He said his Chinese boss could not send cargoes on the ship due to internal politics with other Chinese business people.

Opposition Leader Matthew Wale understands that Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers and Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau both confirmed in a talkback show on Sunday that Prestige 2 travelled to Ontong Java without any authorization.

“So the question is if the SPM and the Police Commissioner have confirmed that the ship was not exempted to travel to Ontong Java then who gave the authorization for it to travel? Obviously, the ship should have not travelled unless authorization came from someone in a much higher authority than the Police Commissioner’s Office,” Wale said.

The Opposition Leader said reports that the ship was transporting cargoes for foreign beche-demer buyers in Ontong Java must also be thoroughly investigated.

Wale said the Police Commissioner must urgently investigate this matter and prosecute those involved.

Island Sun sent an email to Police Media but is still to receive any response to date.