Disqualification of members


FORMER speaker for Makira Ulawa Province Mr Kaea Goldie has voiced concern on regarding to Provincial gov’t act section 15 sub clause F, G and I, with regards to the disqualification of members.

Speaking to the Island Sun, Kaea said that by looking at the section (15) has shown a very very silent resignation.

He said that with Common sense it has clearly state that once these people wants to enter National or Provincial, they must resign from their sits, because they are holding public offices.

He adds that What really or has practised since then is that provincial member in particular, once they intend to contest for the national or provincial election, they just walk in without resignation and whilst once they lose the election they then still return to their sits.

Kaea further voiced that if provincial assembly members are holding public office, ‘why did they not resign before joining the election?’

Kaea calls on to the ministry of home affairs to ensure that provincial assembly members who are intending to contend election must resign their sits before contending for the national elections.

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