Communication training for Red Cross volunteers in Auki



Some of the participants attending the communication workshop on Monday in Auki.

RED Cross volunteers in Auki, Gizo and representatives from various stakeholders in Auki have gathered for a two-day communication training in Auki.

The training is mainly to teach and enhance the volunteers’ communication skills and knowledge to tell better stories during the course of their work.

Communication Manager for the International Federation of Red Cross, Ms Hanna Butter said in her presentation yesterday that it identified that there was a need for volunteers to have better skills and knowledge of storytelling.

She said the reason was that Red Cross volunteers usually on the site with people during or after the times of disaster.

Adding there were lot of good stories on what the people experience with the disaster and potential effects they might expect as a result of the disaster that need to be told.

However, Ms Butter said in order for the volunteers to tell good human disaster stories, they need to have proper skills and knowledge on how to make effective stories.

“So a brief detail of the training is to teach the participants how to pick and lookout for better stories, how to make or write it and finally how to communicate the stories.

“Because Red Cross volunteers are very important with the humanitarian work they provide during the course of disaster.

“And they can make good stories with the first-hand information receive or witness that need to communicate to people,” she said.

Butter reiterated that the training was to encourage participants with good communication skills and knowledge to do good communication or telling good stories during time of disaster.

The training started on Monday and will end today.

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