Dire need for new ablution block


IT has been almost two years now and Tulaghi clinics ablution block used is only a local kitchen leaf hut type.

This has raised grave concern from the clinic patients, members of the public and including insiders of the clinic as well as the mentioned ablution block being the only one there is currently used together by the Labour Division, Postnatal Patients, children and parents.

What is confusing according to report is no one seems to know of what are any arrangements to address this concern as this norm issue has been for some time now raising question against those having the power to address it.

The former permanent ablution block being used by both males and females at the clinic had been destroyed purposely to build a new extension building for the clinic which is reported to have only turned out being a failed plan causing the ablution block situation.

It has been almost two years now and Tulaghi Clinics ablution block used is
only a local kitchen leaf hut type raising concern over health issues. PHOTOS

With the delay of projects and its funds plus with the understanding of budget cuts to all ministries by the National Government this year including other areas lacking financial support is now only forcing a planned committee to be formed in Tulaghi Clinic to address the issue. Or else nothing will be done in the next coming years.

Now pulled into the spotlight for assistance in ways of raising funds for a new temporary or permanent ablution block is the famous Ngella Forum (NGF) Team visiting the clinic to discuss over the matter during the past weekend.

From discussions made, NGF is only waiting for Tulaghi Clinic’s member’s response in their plans to work together before the aim will be carried out in raising fundraisings and working on other areas to raise funds for the plan.

What is important first is for the clinic members to create a social network committee to work with NGF.

“We want to put this out so that the authority above would also now of the issue’s here as well,” said sources.

To add, there is no proper laundry as well where questions fall back to the clinics management.

“It is unhygienic as the high risk of spreading disease is possible. The ablution block needs improvement and should be infection free,” said concern being raised.

Inside of Tulaghi Clinic’s current ablution block having been said to be used for nearly two years now without addressing
its unhygienic issue

From discussion sighted over the issue on social media’s Tulaghi Hospital Discussion Page, more concern has been raised by first hand users describing the unhygienic it produces.

“Postnatal mothers use the ablution block to wash after delivery and as well as for their privacy purposes so it is one of the urgent needs to have a new showering place,” said one concerned.

Another concerned mother expressed that women deserve better as having no privacy as well falls way below the acceptable WHO standards.

“The hospital Management needs to do something about this,” raised the concerned mother.

According to insiders of the clinic, they revealed that many of the clinics issues have not been properly raised to the Ministry of Health.

“If these issues have been raised to the Ministry, we believe that something would be done. There might be some assessment as such,” said sources.

“These issues have been bypassed all these time.”

It is said also that it should be the Planning Office of the ministry of Health who should be responsible to address such issues in which call attempts to their Office were not successful yesterday.

Tulaghi Clinic now needs grave assistance calling for help to its issues purposely for a safe guidance to people’s health.

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