Deo lying, claims Wanealafa

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ONE faithful servant of the inactive East Bauro Enterprise has accused AIPF Director Dr Deogratias Harorimana of “lying in the media”.

This was after embattled foreign consultant Deo said AIPF has never dealt with such a client or its owners including East Baoro Enterprise.

Deo said “We do not know who this is.”

However, Heddie Wanealafa, who occupied East Baoro Enterprise Ltd’s 36-bed motel at Lengakiki, West Honiara, after the death of owner late Bernard Ghiro, said Deo is “lying”.

Wanealafa said he has been engaged by late Ghiro to collect outstanding rental debts of more than $2 million between 2010-2016 from Ministry of Police.

He claimed his relationship with late Ghiro was one of loyalty, which led to him occupying the motel with his family for the last eight years.

Wanealafa said Deo came into the picture when he approached late Ghiro’s son Junior to pay off an outstanding debt of $300,000 belonging to East Baoro Enterprise Ltd in the bank.

As a result, he said Deo allegedly sent some people to evict Wanealafa’s family from the motel in February.

Wanealafa responded by applying for a caveat on the property with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey.

He said he took the action because Deo did not make him aware of his moves and that Deo was not fully aware of the whole story behind the motel.

He said on April 12, Deo allegedly sent some private security to evict his family from the property.

Wanealafa said on May 5, Deo allegedly sent another person to ask him to leave the property, which he refused.

On May 11, police arrived at the motel and took Wanealafa to Central police station and remanded him for some hours.

He was released through a guarantee from CID Zachariah Salopuka.

Wanealafa said there were numerous exchanges of correspondences between him and late Ghiro’s son Junior over the property.

In one of the letters to Bernard Junior Ghiro on 23rd April 2021, Wanealafa said he never claim the property as “you informed Dr Deo to imply”.

“My residency and engagement on the property is squarely on the verbal agreement reached with the owner the later Bernard Ghiro and your family, which your family still respected.

“In my view, the proper approach, as an Administrator of Will, to be taken is to work with your surviving mother and other siblings, who you claimed to hold a Will of Administration on behalf to solve me of my attachment to your property, per the Agreement made between the property owner, the late Bernard Ghiro, to its effect that I had resided and engaged on the affairs of the property,” he said.

Wanealafa said you (Junior) better cooperate with your family and further honest with your so-called advisors in attending to my issues, as Dr Deo rightly stated…help assess if anyway we can help you while you wait for relocation.

He claimed that intimidatingly and randomly selling or disposing off of the late Bernard’s properties, without clearing his commitments – with other people – like you (Junior) did with Henderson and other removable properties, and even without the consent and for no benefit of and for your family, whom you claimed to hold the Will of Administration on behalf sets a fear of deceivingly ignore “my agreed engagement in the property with late Ghiro, his surviving wife, which you (Junior) and the family knew and having been respected full well”.

As such, Wanealafa said the motel is owned by the East Baoro Enterprises Ltd, which has been deregistered on the 1st May 2017; thus, any monetary dealings with its affairs, inclusive loans could be deemed “money laundering”.