Two clients declare their stand with Deo

Dr Deo Harorimana
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TWO clients of AIPF SI Ltd have disassociated them from those who have been publishing allegations in their names under the banner of “victims” of the company.

TR Group and Perch Christian School stated this in a signed press release sent to the Island Sun yesterday.

Their responses are:

  1. We have been contacted on phone, on social media, and we were recruited/asked to a join a group of those we came to understand did not have business relationships with AIPF and Dr Deo. We were invited to attend unwelcome meetings; we have been encouraged to disclose private information and oftentimes, we were told to come up with stories. We have been referred to directly or indirectly by those posing as our representatives. As a result, we have decided to make this declaration to the public to clarify our position and defend AIPF and its Director Dr Deo.
  2. We strongly believe in the support provided to us by Deo. AIPF fees are known and they always discussed with us beforehand. We do not agree with the premise that they rush contracts. We have shared experience of taking time before reaching an agreed proposal. We may not be highly educated, but we understand the value of AIPF service to us. Dr Deo maybe a foreigner by papers, but he is a Solomon Islander by heart. He loves his country and the people. It therefore saddens us that he is being unfairly targeted this way. We want to let the public know that we stand together in solidarity and we support AIPF and Dr Deo.
  3. All of us have held a view that AIPF SI Ltd has complex expertise and capacity. We encourage prospective clients to ignore the negative forces we have heard about the media. If you are struggling to structure your business and turn around, you should approach AIPF SI Ltd. Discuss with them about their needs.
  4. We call on all those individuals to stop speaking in our names. If we ever have any issues, we know how to deal with it. Distorting facts to suits interests of individuals does not benefit our clients.
  5. We wish to thank our clients who continued to support us and our businesses during this pandemic.