Demand for police to leave Auki withdrawn

Patrol boat 06 berthing at Auki wharf.
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DEMAND made by the public of Malaita in Auki on Wednesday this week for the immediate departure of Patrol boat 06 Taro from Auki has been resolved.

The issue was addressed upon a consultation made by police with the public of Malaita in Auki yesterday.

Commanding the current police operation in Auki, Lesley Kili confirmed that in an interview yesterday, thanking the public of Auki for their understanding on the matter.

“Since our arrival we continue to dialogue with communities and the public of Auki on the purpose of the arrival of the patrol boat and the operation in Auki,” Kilia said.

“Until Wednesday when the demand for the immediate departure of the boat was made and today (yesterday) we met again with the public and ironed things out,” he added.

“During our dialogue the public’s doubts on the boat and operation were cleared and we solved the matter (demand).”

Kili said during all these dialogues and awareness programs in and around Auki the boat was there as part of the team to provide law and order support and nothing else as people might speculate.

Kili says the misunderstandings have been cleared and sorted.

He says the patrol boat will continue to stay at Auki wharf until such time the operation is called off.

Acting PPC Malaita, Eddie Koto also told Island Sun that the police have taken time to discuss the matter with a number of ethnic groups in the province.

He says a built-up to a protest to pursue the demand for the departure of the patrol boat was peacefully calmed down by police.

Koto thanked the public in Auki for their understanding and for allowing the current police operation to continue.

He says the demand for the patrol boat to leave has been withdrawan.