Policing awareness continues in Auki

Police Commander for Malaita province, Lesley Kili
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COMMANDING officer of the current police operation in Auki, Mr Lesley Kili says they will continue to provide policing awareness to people in and around Auki town.

He said in an interview yesterday that they received requests from eight communities for the awareness program and number of have already completed.

Kili said so far they visited Auki Central Market, Kilusakwalo and Ambu communities on the policing awareness program.

He said today they will be visiting, Lilisiana, Gwounaru and Kwa communities on the program. Adding that the team will go as far as Bina in west Kwaio that scheduled for Saturday 15th.

Kili said the awareness program is part of the current operation in Auki, so that people will interact with police and learn how they should work together.

He said another important area is for communities to clear on the current police operation in Auki.

Kili said so far communities that visited with the policing awareness had appreciated the program and police thanked them for positive feedbacks from received from them.

He said the awareness program is important as people will learn on the work of police and support everyone needed to uphold law and order in the province.

Kili thanked leaders from communities they had already visited and look forwards for partnership with the communities they are yet to visit on the program.