Defendant on Koa-hill bus stabbing further remanded


INVESTIGATION into the alleged stabbing inside a public bus at Koa-hill area is yet to be completed and the court has further adjourned the case to 17 April.

The case was mentioned in court yesterday and the Prosecutor in carriage update the court that police investigation is still ongoing.

Davidson Daniel Donga 18-year-old man was charged by police on March 17 2023 in relation to incidents occurred on January 19 2023.

He is charged with one count of unlawful wounding.

It was alleged that on January 19 2023 late afternoon, the 19-year-old victim was on his way home in a public bus.

The victim and the defendant were said to sat next to each other right behind the bus driver’s seat, it was when the bus stopped over at Koa Hill bus stop the alleged incident took place.

The allegation said the defendant grabbed the victim’s phone and tried to escape but the victim grabbed him. They were struggling in the bus with the phone when everyone else in the bus stared without doing anything. Both the defendant and the victim were in the bus when the accused stabbed the victim.

The victim dropped off at his bus stop and was helped by some boys and other public buses who were there and rushed him to the National Referral Hospital.

Public Prosecutor Nickson Tonowane prosecutes the case on behalf of the Director Public Prosecution.

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