Cyclone simulation exercise drill for Mala communities



COMMUNITIES of Baunani and Bira in ward 26 of west Kwaio recently carried out a cyclone simulation exercise as part of preparing them to respond to disaster.

The simulation exercises were to test the communities’ response plan for cyclone after trainings and workshops on Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) the communities had undergone.

Assistance Provincial Disaster Officer (PDO) through Oxfam/NDMO AHP Disaster Ready Project in Auki, Mr Tony Wale said the programme was supported by Oxfam in partnership with NDMO through Malaita Provincial Disaster Office under the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) Disaster Ready project for the country.

Wale said the aim of the programme is for the communities to establish disaster risk committees that will look after the development of disaster risk reduction and disaster response plans for their communities.

He said the committees are tasked with important roles in organising their communities under the disaster response plan when it comes to disaster.

A mock first aid care applied to a boy during the simulation disaster evacuation exercise at Bira.

He adds, the simulation exercises were the actual demonstration of the disaster response plans the committees had developed for their communities. 

Wale said Solomon Islands is prone to natural disaster all year-round and now the country is approaching its cyclone session.

He said with that communities must training on basic cyclone response knowledge that are helpful for them when face with cyclone or any other hazards.

Wale said Oxfam through Malaita PDMO have also implemented similar program in other four communities in the province include; Anololo, Daedaesaru and Oibola.

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