Customs hard at work against coronavirus

Solomon Islands Customs and Excise Division (SICED) Comptroller Jim Sutton
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CUSTOMS assures public that it is monitoring all vessels coming into Solomon Islands.

SOLOMON Islands Customs and Excise Division (SICED) Comptroller Jim Sutton adds that they are taking measures to ensure that the China coronavirus does not enter the country.

Mr Sutton said there are many commercial vessels and private vessels in Solomon Islands waters they are currently monitoring.

“We are watching all of them we have been in touch and set up communication linkages as a group to all the shipping agencies and the vessel operators and liaising very closely with our friends in Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSPIF) and other agencies to try and prevent the importation of this virus,” he said.

Sutton said ships are being directed to come for clearance in Honiara, and they are managing up to five ships a day  

“We have a major set up task force in fact and we are working to managing up to five ships a day at a time but we can spend more.

“These are being updated on a daily basis so we know what’s going on and all of the shipping companies are complying voluntarily. So we are on to this and we very close of monitoring,” he said.

Mostyn Mangua, Acting Commissioner of Police, said they are also supporting the ministry of health and are also looking at assisting the SI customs.

“We are also looking at supporting the custom officers and also immigrations in providing public order and also providing public safety as well and also we are providing monitoring through the country,” said Mangau.

These statements were made at the recent media conference organised by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services in Honiara.