Avoid making speculations about China coronavirus: McNeil

Permanent Secretary for the health ministry (MHMS), Pauline McNeil.
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PERMANENT Secretary of Health Pauline McNeil is calling on public and media outlets to avoid speculations about the China coronavirus.

Mrs McNeil (MHMS) said the health ministry would like to remind public to practice commercial advocacy measures that go out from time to time.

“And we want to also remind the public also like I’ve said we would like to alert all of us and of course the media to avoid making speculations that may course.

“In terms of information I would like to request that any official media release from the ministry relating to coronavirus that is the only official information that would come out endorsed and approved by the ministry any other information that comes out from any sources of information is not verted by the ministry of health and therefore we are not responsible to answer in respond to,” she said.

McNeil said additional commercial measures the ministry would like public to exercise include practicing good and best practices in hygiene.

“General public are asked to be vigilant at all times, seek medical advice to avoid unnecessary panic and confusion, cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, wash your hands with water and soap frequently, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of clean water and avoid non-essential travelling to coronavirus affected countries.”