Criminal trespass and intimidation case adjourned


The case against a man charged with criminal trespass and intimidation was suspended to January 22 for continuation trial of defence case.

Kabir Hossein is a Bangladeshi. He pleaded not guilty to both charges and a trial was conducted last year.

Prosecution called three witnesses in total and after crown closed their case, defence counsel applied for a no case to answer.

Yesterday when delivering the ruling on no case to answer, the Magistrate said he was satisfied that there is sufficient evidence from the prosecution case. Therefore, court concluded that defendant Hossein did commit the offence.

Defence lawyer for the defendant Hossein told court that they will call their side of the story. Bail for the defendant was extended.

Prosecution alleged on 11 March 2021 at Lunga area, Central Guadalcanal Province around 7pm in the evening defendant Kabir without lawful excuse entered the dwelling house of Complainant by climbing the ladder of the complainant house and shout. Complainant later went and reports the matter to the police and defendant charged for criminal trespass.

Again, on March 11, 2021 at Lunga Area complainant went and top up at defendant shop, defendant did intimidate or molest action to the complainant. Complainant later report the matter to the police and defendant later arrested and dealt with accordingly.

Public Prosecution Office appears for the Crown and Private law firm appears for the defence.

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