Creative plastic solution competition for better change

By Ezekiel Talatau

MINISTRY of fisheries has commenced plastic competition as a part of the World environment day, World Ocean day and World Coral Triangle day.

Ms Anna- Marie Schwarz from the ministry of fisheries (MSSIF-Team Leader) said there are 8 groups that are taking part in the competition.

8 groups participating in the competition are, Vura youth groups, Mbua-valley Scout youths, Ghetto Youths, strive for change, Saint Nicholas youths, Green valley youths, Saint Nicholas Youth and Deaf Association.

She adds that they are judged according to their story, video and photos they create under the theme “beat plastic pollution”.

Their video is already on YouTube and is available for anyone interested to watch.

The 1st prize is awarded to the Saint Nicholas youth, the 2nd prize goes to Mbua-valley scout youths, and the 3rd prize goes to Green Valley youth and Ghetto youths.

Other participants also received an appreciation prizes for their contribution and help in the battle against plastic pollution.

Saint Nicolas win the 1st Price at the Competition
MBua-­‐valley Scout youth win 2th position.
Green Valley youth 3th in position.

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