Battling plastic pollution

By Ezekiel Talatau

PS for MECDM Dr Melchior Mataki (Left) and Sylwin Do’oro (Right) join the clean-up campaign at Saint John during the world Environment, Ocean, and Coral Triangle day. Photo- Ezekiel Talatau.

THE clean-up campaign last Saturday at the World Environment day, World Ocean day and the Coral Triangle day, was initiated by the Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster management and Meteorology (MECDM) in collaboration with the Friends Of The City.

The theme of the clean-up campaign was “Battle against Plastic Pollution”.

The area allocated during the clean-up, started from St John School outside areas to Goodview.

The groups are then split into two zones, one group cleaned up the stream at the botanical garden and the other group cleaned up just along the road and the drainage.

During the clean-up campaign, Mr Judah Suimae, said, “Friends of the City aims to keep our environment clean and green and as we all know that most Solomon Islands residence and citizens are depend on our environment for our daily needs.

“We to should look after and be manageable with our resources.
“Let us stand in hand as a good citizen of Solomon Island to help and celebrate the World Environmental Day, World Ocean day and World Coral triangle day.”

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