COVID worry in Western Province


THE increase number of covid-19 cases recorded in Western Province is worrying, health expert Dr Yogesh Choudhri says.

“Western Province is now a concern for us because they are still reporting high number of cases and high number of hospitalisation,” Choudhri said.

“For example right now the total number of admitted in Gizo is 19, Hellena Goldie 12, Nila AHC 1 and 12 patients in Seghe AHC. They are now reaching the peak of the outbreak,” he added.

Choudhri said for Central and Malaita they are now seeing cases going down

“So it is expected in the coming weeks in Western Province we would see less and less number of cases,” Choudhri said.

He said the ministry is also keeping an eye on other provinces including Makira and Choiseul.

Choudhri adds for Honiara, the trend shows a low number of cases being detected and low number of cases being admitted.

“Testing is still going strong, we are testing many people right now but we are not finding positive cases so it means it’s going down,” he said.

Choudhri said in terms of admission at NRH there has been no new admission in the last one week and there is only one patient in NRH with covid-19.

“And the total covid-19 related death stands at 149.”

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