Covid-19 jabs to begin next week

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THE rollout of covid-19 vaccination is set to begin next week.

AstraZeneca is the vaccine the country has received, and will be using in its first vaccination rollout.

AstaZeneca is one of the World Health Organisation (WHO) approved covid-19 vaccines which it regards as ‘safe and effective’ for human use.

Dr Gregory Jilini, incident controller to Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), in a covid-19 radio talkback show yesterday said the vaccines will arrive this Friday (March 19)

“The vaccination is expected to start in Solomon Islands next week,” he said.

Jilini said equipping of health worker who will administer the vaccine will happen this week.

“At present the first target group to receive the vaccine will be our front liners and essential staff,” he said.

Jimmie Rodgers, deputy chair to Oversight Committee and secretary to the Prime Minister, said on vaccine rollout a lot of events will be happening this week.

“On this roll out the border zones will be featured inside and during this week Ministry of Health and Medical Service will put in names of individuals who will be immunised.

“It is important for all permanent secretaries in all front-line ministries to identify who from that ministry his/her name must be on the list that will be inoculated,” said Rodgers.