Court to get update on former One Link director


THE case of prisoner Charles Dora will come back to court on December 27, 2022 for prosecution to update the court regarding Dora’s bank account.

Dora’s case was mentioned in court yesterday for counsels to update the court regarding the court-order to freeze his bank account.

However, since counsels are yet to sort out that issue, the court adjourned the case to December 27 for further mention.

The defendant is currently serving prison time.

Dora was guilty for obtaining money from individual investors on separate occasions within a 9-month period in 2019 ranges from SBD 250 to SBD 95,750. Furthermore, the total sum of monies which were deceitfully obtained by the accused from the people who invested in the scheme within the said period totaled up to SBD 56,440,475 which is a very significant amount to get from the ordinary and struggling people who invested their monies.

The court also heard that more than 90 percent of the total amount has not been recovered to date except for the SBD 121, 791.20 which was recovered from the defendant.

The court during its sentence said that it is obviously clear that the defendant carefully planned to operate the scheme to defraud people by collecting monies and promising them with higher returns or profits within a certain period. He registered a business name to make it look reputable and authentic to the members of the public.

The defendant had taken advantage of the financial situation in the country to deceive and fraudulently fool people to part with their monies, exacerbated by the cargo-cult mentality normally promoted and perpetuated by the “quick get rich money schemes.

Therefore, after consideration of all circumstances of the case the court imposed a sentence of two years on the defendant and he is currently serving the sentences in custody.

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