Court grants the bail application for Panatina arm robbery case


The bail application for the case of Samson Damisulia who accused for arm robbery at Panatina Ridge in September last year was granted in court yesterday.

The presiding Principal Magistrate ruled out the bail application by imposing court strict bail condition upon the accused which include the accused to pay a cash of $500 before leaving the custody yesterday.

Court has granted bail to an accused in the armed robbery case involving a couple at Panatina Ridge who were attacked and robbed in September last year.

Samson Damisulia is one of the accused men in this case. He is facing charges of armed robbery.

Court imposed strict conditions on Damisulia and ordered that he paid $500 before leaving court yesterday.

Conditions include – Damisulia to live with his uncle, the surety, at Kukum Labourline area, he must attend all his court hearings, not to interfere with the prosecution witness, not to leave Honiara without court’s leave, always report to Kukum Police office every Wednesday between 6am and 5pm and surety to ensure compliance of the bail conditions.

Prosecution also updated the court they had no issue with the trial date which was set in the previous hearing for June 17-28.

The accused was excused from appearing in court until June 11 for final-interim mention.

Bail for Damisulia was extended.

This case is related to allegations a Solomon Islander couple of Korean origins were attacked while burgled at their home on September 7, 2023, at the Panatina Ridge.

Allegations said around 2am the couple realised two burglars were in their home. When the couple approached them, the burglars attacked them with weapons.

The burglars then fled with three mobile phones and $1,200 cash.

The couple ended up at the national referral hospital seeking medical attention to injuries sustained during the attack.

Prosecution alleged one of the two men, Damisulia, escaped to his home province Malaita but was arrested by the police on September 15 and escorted back to Honiara on September 17, where he has been placed in custody at Rove.

Vernon Taupongi of Office of Public Prosecution appears for the Crown and Emy Rusi of Public Solicitor Office appears for the Defendant.

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