Cost of water in town

DEAR EDITOR, the cost of water in our urban Honiara town controlled under Solomon Water authority if not carefully aware is one of the highest in the world that cannot be avoided by the majority lower to medium wages earners in the country.

This is a huge serious problem that the Solomon Water management and the National Government of Solomon Islands must look at the possible ways in addressing this issue if they are concern about health and the welfare of the citizens of this nation.

One of the basic human needs towards healthy life is clean water and so all citizens of this country deserve those needs in an avoidable cost.

The non-attempt towards addressing this problem by the National government through Solomon Water authority is an attitude of national negligence of duty towards its own citizens. What is the government for? When is the national government establishing legislative that its functions support, improve and touch the welfare and livelihood of its citizens?

If a national field assessment is done on accessibility to clean water in our urban centres as Honiara, half of the population are without clean water due to disconnection by Solomon Water Authority for no-payment and so the quality of water our people access to it is questionable a dangerous trench toward health status of this nation.

It is time all MPs who form national government must wake up from over enjoying the privileges derive from the national funds and resources while the poor citizens of this nation continue to suffer with their human basic needs as clean water that is at the non-avoidable cost in the urban centres areas nation-wides.

I therefore would like to contribute towards two solutions in addressing this issue of cost of water in our urban centres.

  1. Solomon water authority management must implement assessment and reduction on some of its huge unnecessary costing of water that always victimises its customers because it is a non-profit making organisation and so its roles and obligation should be geared towards service delivery that perform functions that create avoidable cost that benefited by the majority when it comes to clean water availability.


  1. If the Solomon Water Authority cannot address the issue due to huge operational expenditures, then it is obligated for the national government to address it.

The appropriated approach for the National Government to take is to subsidise the cost of water in the urban centres to reduce the current highly cost of water imposed by Solomon water Authority to an avoidable level of cost.

This is a national issue and so the government must feel obligated by securing funds towards addressing it.

The MPs of East and West Honiara should use certain percentage of their billion dollar RCDF fund in addressing those issue because it affect the majority of voters that put them in the political power which they are enjoying today.

It is time leaders should show mansion in their leadership in identifying and addressing important problems that affect the livelihood of the citizen of this nation.

Jacob Ofasia

Talise Market





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