Charity aid helps to dress local babies

DEAR EDITOR, it was especially gratifying for me to learn over the weekend that the Hearts of Hope (HOH) charitable organisation, based in Malaita, had given more than 40 tiny babies sets of clothing, including shirts and caps.

The event took place at the Auki clinic last Thursday.

Most of the children who received the shirts and caps came from rural communities around the Auki area.

One of the mothers, whose child received a gift from the Hearts of Hope Organisation, reportedly described the support as an opportunity for her little baby.

She apparently said the surprising gift would enable her to save some money intended for the things received.

The HOH president, Janet Aihari, said during the handover of the clothing that the support was part of the organisation’s ongoing charitable assistance to children, orphans and elderly people in the rural communities.

She reportedly added that HOH wanted to see helpless children and elderly people to be part of life and enjoy the same privileges as everybody in the society.

Mrs. Aihari acknowledged the Helping Hand group from New Zealand for channelling the babies clothing’s through her organization.

It will be recalled that the gifted clothing came as a package of more than 90 boxes of second hand clothing for the HOH that were shipped to Honiara by Take My Hands Charitable Trust with the cost of the shipment borne by the kind assistance of the Solomons Forest Association (SFA) and with the help of Mr J Sy.

In the same container there were many sets of mobility equipment and furniture for the SIDT.

Take My Hands went the extra mile in collecting the many items that had been requested because the ‘bread and butter’ activities of the NZ Charity lies in collecting and shipping medical equipment and supplies and has arrangements with charitable organizations in Pakistan, Fiji, Nepal and I understand also in Tonga.

I again express my thanks for the consignment to TMH, the SFA, Mr J Sy, and the Chair of the SIPA and to Mr Casper Fa’asala for aiding the clearance of the cargo.

To Mrs Aihari and to her tireless volunteers of HOH keep up your good work on behalf of all the needy and less fortunate in society.

Yours Sincerely



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