Consultation on greater Honiara transport master plan

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) and JICA Study Team (JST) conducted the last Public Consultation Meeting for the Project for Greater Honiara Transport Masterplan Study (GHTMPS) at Heritage Park Hotel this week.

More than 40 Participants joined through online, with a few fully vaccinated participants attended at Heritage Park hotel with Covid-19 rules applied accordingly with Government policies.

GHTMPS aims to develop a transport master plan for the GHA, thereby contributing to the long-term development of transport infrastructure, especially roads and bridges, in the urban area and contributing to improving the convenience of citizens’ life and economic activities. The aim of the public consultation is to promulgate outputs as well as to get feedbacks from participants in regards to the Environmental and Social Consideration for the projects.

Opening remarks by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development Stephen Maesiola said,

“It is my sincere appreciation to JICA for being the lead of this important task, the Transport Masterplan was completed with the Government. The study commenced in 2019, it was suspended due to COVID-19, but JICA has taken it onboard. Now, we look through the Transport Masterplan in this meeting”

JST emphasized the importance of the alternative East-West Road and proposed new “Harbor View Drive”, which connects White River thru skyline to West Kola Ridge. And also recommended introducing new pavement technology of “Interlocking Block Pavement”, which was conducted as a pilot project of the study at behind Point Cruz Hot Bread.

Participants are concerned Government Ministries and Organization, doners as well as member of the chamber of commerce. They have conducted lively discussion on the presented outline of the study, environmental and social consideration, and priority projects. PS and JST responded considerately.

During discussion participants were highlighted the concern about proper footpath along shoreline and from Panatina campus to Kukum campus that would encourage pedestrians and people with special need can use the footpath and also promote a healthy lifestyle.

Project Team leader Kunimasa Yoshiro, said “those issues raise is important but didn’t include in this project, however it is important to consider the health aspect as well. Such as walking to improve healthy lifestyle and it can be added in the plan.”

The Project for Greater Honiara Transport Masterplan Study is a collaboration of Japan International Cooperation Agencies and Japanese Consultants, namely, Katahira & Engineers International, Ingerosec Corporation, Fukuyama Consultants Co., Ltd and Oriental Consultants Global.


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