Concern raised over persons with mental illness increasing in Honiara


The increasing number of persons with mental illness roaming the streets of Honiara is being raised once again.

This threat is more pronounced against females – girls and women.

A concerned female Sadlyn Leon proposed to this paper yesterday that relatives and authorities should work together to address this issue.

She person with mental illness is dangerous to people walking the streets of Honiara because some are aggressive.

“We are approaching the big events that are going to happen in the months to come and this issue of mentally-ill is really out of control,” Ms Leon said.

She said most of the persons with mental illness are sleeping along the shops at Point-Cruz and the market area and authorities with the help of relatives should assist to remove them of the streets.

Leon said last week a student was lucky enough to escape a punch from one mentally-ill person along the Point Cruz area. Therefore authorities should quickly address the issue before the big event are happening, Leon said.

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