Concern over dropping health and care service

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The Shadow Health Minister has called on the ministry of Health to ‘put its act together’.

This call follows worrying developments in the health sector including health workers not working together, and absenteeism at the national referral hospital (NRH).

The Opposition Spokesperson for Health and Member of Parliament for Ranongga/Simbo constituency Charles Sigoto calls on the Ministry of Health to make sure that the quality of our health care and services is not undermined in these trying times.

This call follows remarks by the Prime Minister in his national address on Monday,June 14, 2021 wherein he claimed that health workers are not working together, a statement also echoed by the Permanent Secretary, and the CEO of the National Referral Hospital, when appearing before the Bills and Legislation Committee, suggesting absenteeism in our top hospital is becoming a major concern, especially among the nursing cadre.

The Shadow Health Minister points out that in a country where doctors and nurses are scarce and overworked, these revelations are serious public concerns, adding that they indicate deeper disparities in the Health system which can undermine the key objective of providing ensuring that efficient and competent health care and services. 

“Nursing care is an integral component of patient care and so it crucial that any issues affecting nurses are not taken lightly or ignored.  The Ministry must be proactive in conflict resolution especially at this time where the COVID-19 thread is still high.

“Also, top management must ensure that practical systems are developed to ensure that all our nurses are on deck for front-liner roles as and when required but also giving them quality rest time.  This is very important if we are to give true meaning to the slogan – IUMI TOGETA AGAINST COVID 19 slogan and keeping Solomon Islands COVID 19 free,” says Mr Sigoto.

“I wish to however commend the government and our frontline health workers for their efforts so far in containing and keeping the virus at bay.  Improved communication lines with top management and operating systems will only improve these good efforts,” the Opposition MP adds.

Sigoto also urged all health workforce to exercise restraint and best judgment, adding that these are trying times but at end of the day, the interest of all our health patients and our all our people in keeping Covid 19 out of the country must be kept paramount always.

“This demands unprecedented levels of commitment and dedication and so it is important that due process is invoked to address grievances.”