Deo’s men vacate Rove seafront land

AE Ltd property at Rove, West Honiara. Robert Leeson
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A GROUP of men engaged by foreign consultant Dr Deogratias Harorimana vacated a piece of land they’ve been occupying for several years at the Rove seafront, last weekend.

The men left following an order AE Ltd, title holders of the land, issued against Deo’s illegal occupation of the site.

Deo and a company he reportedly established only on paper, Bay Complex Development, proposed to build a hotel on the site.

According to Robert Leeson, who posted on social media, Deo claimed to have already spent millions for the design of the hotel project.

In the design, Deo’s AIPF Ltd is designing the work for client, Bay Ventures Ltd.

However, Leeson claimed ‘Bay Ventures Ltd’ is a fake and illegal company that is not registered with Company Haus, and no records of it.

“Did Deo through AIPF developed this plan and marketed it for funding to construct a huge complex under the name of a fake/illegal company that he himself owns or a shareholder in?

“If AIPF is a reputable company, why associate with a fake company not registered? Authorities must investigate,” he stated.

Island Sun contacted AE Ltd but its officers decided not to comment, saying the matter “is no longer an issue since Deo’s men have already vacated the site”.

Deo opted not to comment as well, saying it is an issue to do with AE Ltd and not his company.