Concern for increased anti-social youth behaviour in Gizo



THERE is growing concern for the increasing number of young people indulged in homebrew and marijuana in Gizo, Western province.

A mother of three, Mrs Martha told Island Sun Gizo yesterday that women and girls are not safe from such practices that are entertained in communities around Gizo.

“This is dirty practice as young youths to entertain in Gizo and the influence of alcohol or drugs may lead you to the wrong direction.

“Alcohol and drugs affect each and every one of us, directly or indirectly: in our homes, in our families, in our school, in our community, town or nation as a whole.

“I observe most young youths start drinking alcohol and this is a concern for parents who are responsible to advice your children not to involve with other boys who influence drug,” said Martha.

She calls on Gizo police officers and parents to seriously monitor young boys, especially at night.

She said those who reside at Top-hill, Jah Mountain, Banana valley and District areas become victim to disturbances by youths.

“Responsible organisations, church elders, community leaders and parents must be responsible to stop those bad activities continue to be entertained in Gizo,” she said.

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