Showing appreciation and gratitude to others

DEAR EDITOR, two separate news stories came to my attention in the local media last week and both centered on individuals speaking out because they felt their efforts were not being appreciated and there was no gratitude for their work.

In the first instance a group of local Councillors in Choiseul complained that the work they had been doing for the community was not being appreciated and they were disappointed.

The second story emanated from a small group of municipal street cleaners in Gizo who, similarly, considered their work was going unrecognised and with little public support for the demanding work they had been doing.

When I think about public service and all those who dedicate their lives to this endeavour in the Solomon Islands, I am guessing that perhaps not many get the appreciation and gratitude they deserve.

Showing appreciation of a person’s work is known to directly impact on work results and employee reaction.

When a person is appreciated the individual’s performance is often boosted and wellbeing and health improved.

It would be my hope that all in the Solomon Islands would move towards a better appreciation of all those in society in work, large or small, that contribute daily to making the community more cohesive, productive and tolerant and who are striving to make a renewed ‘Happy Isle’ again.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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