DESPITE the climbing number of covid-19 cases, the risk of community transmission remains low.

Government is quick to reassure citizens of this, following yesterday’s announcement of a third case of covid-19.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, in his special national address yesterday, promised that the covid-19 will be contained within the Chengs quarantine centre, and will also be eliminated there.

“Fellow citizens, the announcement of this 3rd positive case of Covid-19 does not change our assessment that the risk of community transmission is still low.

“Our focus continues to be on containment of the virus within the Chengs quarantine station and eliminate it from there.

“If we need to shift some students to other locations, it will be done such that there will be no risk of community transmission during the process, and that the new locations will also be under very tight security and management control,” said Sogavare.

He said the results of the forthcoming fourth round of testing under the testing protocol will take place between days 19 and 21 after arrival in the country which will be between Sunday, October 18 and Tuesday, Oct 20.

Sogavare said this round-four test will give a better indication on the status and the likely projection of the covid-19 infection in the country.

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