Closing sentence for malicious damage today


CLOSING sentencing submission in the case of man accused of malicious damage of CRV Vehicle is scheduled to be heard at the Central Magistrate Court today.

Thomas Nhapps charged for one count of malicious damage of CRV Vehicle and pleaded guilty to the charged on the previous court hearing of his case.

Today is his sentencing submission from both Crown and Defence counsel in carriage of the file to provide to the court their sentencing submission for the Nhapps case.

Prosecution alleged, on June 17, 2023 Thomas Nhapps went to the complainant’s house and asked his girlfriend for food. Nhapps was in a relationship with the complainant’s daughter at that time.

Nhapps and his girlfriend had an argument since he wanted her to follow him to his house but she refused because he was drunk. Nhapps got angry and used abusive words at his girlfriend. She got scared and ran back to the house.

Nhapps allegedly picked up a rock and threw it at a CRV vehicle which was parked underneath the complainant house, damaging the CRV’s rear window. The total value if the damage is $ 9,950.00.

Police Prosecution appears for the Crown and Public Solicitor Office appears for the Defendant.

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