Papua New Guinea’s High Commissioner Highlights investments and cooperation with Solomon Islands


PAPUA New Guinea High Commissioner Moses Kaul underscored the significant economic investments, regional cooperation, and shared commitments between the two nations.

He highlighted in his address during the celebration of Papua New Guinea’s 48th Independence Anniversary at the Heritage Park Hotel in Solomon Islands last Friday.

One of the notable highlights in Kaul’s address was the mention of Papua New Guinea’s companies making substantial investments in Solomon Islands, totalling a remarkable $2 billion.

He acknowledged that these investments, though not without risks, have contributed significantly to economic opportunities and nation-building in Solomon Islands.

In addition to bilateral cooperation, High Commissioner Kaul expressed gratitude to major development partners, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Korea, and United Nations development agencies. He commended their generous assistance in realizing shared development goals and aspirations within the Pacific region.

Kaul offered insights into Papua New Guinea’s economic initiatives, which include diversifying trade, promoting manufacturing, and expanding downstream processing. These strategies aim to reduce imports and increase exports, ultimately strengthening foreign reserves. He highlighted the government’s ambitious policy of owning 55% of mining industries, signaling a transformative shift in the country’s economic landscape.

In a gesture of goodwill, High Commissioner Kaul mentioned Papua New Guinea’s generous donation of 100 million Kina to Solomon Islands, symbolizing their support for a close friend and ally in times of need.

Regarding security, Kaul emphasized Papua New Guinea’s active participation in safeguarding Solomon Islands. He noted their continued commitment through the Solomon International Assistance Force (SIAF) arrangement and assured the Solomon Islands government and its people of their readiness to enhance security assistance during the Pacific Games and National General Elections in the upcoming year.

Kaul concluded his address by highlighting the resilience and unity of both nations in the face of global challenges. These challenges include the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, economic fluctuations, civil unrest, geopolitics, and regional politics. He paid tribute to those who championed independence in both countries, with a special mention of the late Grand Chief Michael Thomas Somare, who played a pivotal role in unifying diverse cultures and languages.

In closing, High Commissioner Kaul called for unity in nation-building, emphasizing the importance of leaving no one behind in the pursuit of national advancement. He rallied Solomon Islands for success in the upcoming Pacific Games, urging unity and good sportsmanship. Kaul envisioned a prosperous future where both Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands continue to grow as stronger nations and invited collective contributions to achieve this shared aspiration.

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