Cleanliness is part of healthiness

West Honiara constituency donates bins to hospital

By Gary Hatigeva

West Honiara Constituency Development Officer, Brian Taupiri (right) handed over the rubbish bins to the NRH executive and staff, Director of Nursing, Father Selwyn Houniola and witnessed by some of the nurses or the NRH.

THE National Referral Hospital (NRH) is the latest to have benefited from the continuous generosity of the West Honiara Constituency leadership and its people, for the donation of 20 rubbish bins.

This comes after growing concerns over the littering of wastes and rubbish within the National Referral Hospital compound, which received criticisms from patients and concerned citizens.

After continuous pressure to tackle the issue and being constrained with limited funds, the executive of NRH made calls for support and assistance, thanks to the Member of Parliament for West Honiara, Namson Tran MP, who according to his officers, saw the genuine need for help.

West Honiara Constituency Development Officer (CDO) Brian Taupiri explained during a low key handover ceremony of the bins, that their MP expressed no hesitation after receiving the request because it is about maintaining the country’s only national referral hospital clean.

Taupiri added that it is everyone’s concern to see that the issue of littering and cleanliness within the hospital vicinity is maintained for a healthy environment.

“Remember, cleanliness is part of healthiness and the only way to achieve this, is through close collaboration between the hospital management and staff, and the public.

“So I kindly ask all of us to respect the hospital and its facilities, which off course includes the new bins that are handed out today (yesterday),” the CDO appealed.

Receiving the bins on behalf of the NRH executive and staff, Director of Nursing, Father Selwyn Houniola was emotional when he received the equipment yesterday.

“It’s been quite a while since this issue of waste management here at the hospital was dealt with through the heavy presence of equipment as such to ensure the maintenance of a clean and tidy instititue.

“We have been handicapped and kept inside the confines of this hospital but with this generous donation, let me assure you that we will ensure they are looked after and will certainly help our responsible divisions keep this institute clean and healthy,” the Director added.

He then thanked the West Honiara Constituency and its MP for what he described as a worth assistance and timely, as the issue of waste and littering had slowly become a big problem for the hospital to deal with.

He further added that the donation has more significance as the institute has a national status and outside of the West Honiara Constituency, yet MP Tran chose to continuously supporting it.

The donation of the bins is something the West Honiara CDO stressed and suggested for the NRH executive should not be too troubled on, as it is where all patients from clinics and rural health centres within the 50 constituencies are referred to.

“We all use benefit one way or another from this important service and should therefore take pride of it and help those in charge, look after it,” Taupiri further stressed.

It is not the first for Tran and his constituency to have been involved in supporting the National Hospital.

NRH has been a regular recipient of past assistances from the MP for its various sections, with the recent being through the Rotary Solomon Islands, for hospital equipment.

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