Class of 78 traverse 40 years with the country

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 KING George Sixth National Secondary school classmates of 1978 recently had a get together with a purpose to deliberate on an important project that they had been working on.

Spokesperson for the group, Sam Alasia reports the get together was a reunion dinner hosted by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Our Telekom, Loyley Ngira and his family on Monday 28th January 2018.

Mr Alasia said Loyley is the chairperson of the group, known as the class of 78 and the purpose of the reunion was twofold.

First was to congratulate Professor Kabini Sanga for receiving an Honour’s Award from the New Zealand government recently.

Second was for them to get an update of their book project. Professor Sanga is assisting the group with their project.

Alasia said since September 2017, about 12 members of the group have been writing their stories and life journey over the past 40 years. With that they wish to share their struggles and achievements with their families and nation, considering the fact that our country is now reaching 40 years of nationhood.

“About 18 other members of the class of 78 are not writing their stories because they are spread throughout the World such as in Fiji, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand and the Solomons.”

In spite of this, Alasia said their bio datas will be included in a section of the book.

Alasia said that they hope to launch their book to coincide with the 40th Anniversary celebrations of our Independence in July this year.

“We are in the process of negotiating with SINU to publish the book,” reports Alasia.

Among those present at the reunion were Professor Kabini Sanga, Johnson Honimae, Primo Afeau, Joash Manepuri, Loretta Palmer, Ruby Titiulu, Elsie Wickham and Sam Alasia.

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