Cigarette candy – luring children to smoking


Candies for children imitating cigarette brands.

A new packet of candies for children depicting cigarettes is currently on sale in shops in Honiara.

Brought to limelight via social media, this packet of candy has sparked a public debate by those who saw it.

While the ‘No tobacco Control’ Act disallow promotion of any kind on tobacco products, this particular branding depicting cigarettes is a cause of concern by the public at large.

Clarifying to the discussion on social media, Pastor Geoffrey Alacky says the products are in total violation to the Tobacco Control Act 2010.

“First they are regarded as illicit products by first impression, second they didn’t meet out pictorial standard features.”

Alacky has been instrumental in getting the Tobacco Control legislation in place. He encourages those who come across these packet of candies depicting cigarettes to contact the Tobacco Control Unit on 25205.

An Anglican Priest also upon seeing these candies strongly condemn the sale of such an item for children.

“Everything is habitual. We are teaching our children to smoke and allowing them to take up such a habit by introducing it through candies.

“This shows just how weak our systems are, thus the initiation of such a product into our commercial sector.”

Most commenting in the forum discussion strongly called on the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) and responsible authorities to do something about this.

“Unethical advertisement. Please responsible authority remove those products,” a commentator said.

Dr Geoffrey Kenilorea, who is the focal point for tobacco control in the MHMS contributed to the Forum by saying, “they have a lawyer looking into the Tobacco control Act for provisions that capture these products”.

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