Church members urged to get their COVID jabs


SECREATRY to Prime Minister Dr Jimmie Rodgers is calling on everyone in the country, church members in particular, to get their vaccination.

Rodgers made the call following reports that COVID-19 deaths in Fiji are mostly church members and leader.

“The plea from me to everyone in the country and in particular our church members, please take this seriously,” Rodgers said in a talk-back show, Sunday.

“I think there could be theological debate on whether this is right or wrong,” he added.

“There are some that says this is the mark of the beast (666)

“Let me ask you all, if COVID-19 is the mark of the beast then what is the measles vaccine?

“What is the tetanus vaccine? What is the Tuberculosis vaccine?”

Rodgers stressed these are the vaccines that save the people and the children of this country exactly the same way as COVID-19 vaccine is.

“COVID-19 vaccine is not the mark of the beast it is God that give us the wisdom to make sure we have something that protect his creation which is you and me.

“So let us not interpret this wrongly.

“I beg you, please do not use knowledge that maybe misdirected so that we convinced people not protect themselves.

“I beg you please get vaccinated,” he said.

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