MPGIS: new Mala ministers to be formalized soon

The Ministry of Provincial Governments and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) has dismissed an Island Sun report that claimed Minister Rollen Seleso delays the endorsement of MARA Government appointments.

In a statement, the MPGIS said it has already engaged in the process of formally appointing new ministers submitted by Premier Daniel Suidani.

“But unlike Choiseul Province, the documents from the Malaita Assembly are incomplete,” the statement said.

“The Assembly Clerk only submitted a basic cover letter listing the names of newly appointed executive members plus a copy of an appointment gazette draft, but no further details,” it added.

“We are still waiting for individual copies of sworn statements and details of Executive members before we can confirm with AG Chambers to proceed with the draft Gazette instrument.

“These are basic administration matters and Minister Seleso has already given instructions for the formal appointments weeks ago.”

The statement said in the case of Choiseul Provincial, the Clerk had submitted all required signed documents including signed copies of swearing-in documents by the minister of the new executive members under their new Premier, upon which the Minister duly appointed.

 “We are yet to receive signed sworn copies from Malaita Province despite sending an email to the clerk and his assistant officer,” the statement said.

“The premier should not be worried.

“He should proceed with his Provincial Government’s business and not to worry about administrative matters.

“The Minister has already given his approval and the Gazette should take place once the draft in finalized from the AG Chambers,” the statement added.

It said this case should not be confused with similar cases when the premier was overseas and under quarantine.

“Those previous cases should be clarified by our laws or courts.

“But the requests when the Premier is in the country are straight forward. The Ministry will process as instructed by the Minister.”

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