Relationship stronger than ever after riot and looting


CHINA-Solomon Islands bilateral relations is stronger than ever before after being tested with the recent riot and looting.

This was reiterated by State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi during his conversation with Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeremiah Manele on Friday.

He claimed the recent riots erupted under complicated background.

“Some forces with ulterior motives took the chance to smear China-Solomon Islands relations and attempted to subvert the outcomes achieved since the establishment of our bilateral ties.

“It does not comply with the interest of Solomon Islands’ people at all and is doomed to fail.

“After this test, China-Solomon Islands relations have become stronger than ever before.

“China is fully confident in the prospects of bilateral relations and will take a series of measures to support and assist Solomon Islands in restoring order and reconstruction and achieving stable development,” he said.

Mr Yi said that Solomon Islands is an essential member of the South Pacific region and the family of developing countries.

“China and Solomon Islands share broad interests. It will continue firmly upholding multilateralism in the international arena and vigorously defend the legitimate claims of developing countries, especially those of medium and small-sized countries.

“At present, both sides need to be vigilant against a few countries’ attempts to constantly interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs in the name of human rights under the Cold-War mentality and jointly uphold the basic norms of international relations and international fairness and justice,” he added.

Mr Yi said Solomon Islands is a good friend and good partner of China. The establishment of diplomatic ties between both countries fully serves the long-term and fundamental interest of Solomon Islands’ people and fully meets the trend of our times.

“Ever since that, the two countries have been respecting and supporting each other, treating one another as equals and seeking common development.

“Both countries have worked together to effectively defend the shared interests of both sides and bring benefit to the two peoples.

“Our bilateral relations have become a model of friendly exchanges between countries of different social systems and sizes,” he said

Mr Yi said China attaches great importance to developing friendly relations with Solomon Islands and stands ready to work with it to implement the important consensus reached between the leaders of the two countries and promote lasting and steady progress in bilateral relations.

He said the serious riots not long ago has affected the safety and daily lives of local citizens and overseas Chinese residents.

“We extend deep sympathies and sincere condolences to Solomon Islands’ government and people and strongly condemns all violent acts.

“We stand firmly with Solomon Islands’ government and people, staunchly supports the government’s efforts to maintain stability in the country, and resolutely protects China-Solomon Islands relations and the legitimate interests of the Chinese citizens in Solomon Islands.

He hopes and believes that Solomon Islands government will take all necessary measures to protect the safety of local people and the Chinese citizens according to law.

Meanwhile Manele extended warm congratulations on the successful convening of the sixth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

He thanked China for providing enormous support and assistance to his country’s economic and social development and expressed sincere condolences for the property losses suffered by the Chinese citizens in Solomon Islands during the riots.

Manele said his conversation with Mr Yi demonstrates that we firmly stand together at difficult times.

He assures China government that the situation has gradually returned to normalcy.

He said Solomon Islands highly values its relations with China.

“It will continue strictly abiding by the one-China policy, which is the political basis of developing Solomon Islands-China relations.

“It is the responsibility of Solomon Islands side to make all efforts to protect the safety and legal interests of the Chinese citizens and Chinese-funded organizations in Solomon Islands.

“Solomon Islands is ready to work with China to enhance coordination and cooperation, effectively uphold multilateralism, and safeguard,” Manele said.

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