St Therese Takwa parish dedicate new church

The completed St. THERESE Parish
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The people of Takwa village, North Malaita, celebrated the dedication of their newly completed church over the weekend.

The three-day programme kicked off on Friday and culminated in a finale on Sunday, marked with much feasting and celebrating.

St Therese Takwa Parish of the Northern Deanery, Auki Diocese, celebrated the dedication of their church building, which took nearly 20 years to complete.

Speaking to Island Sun from Takwa over the weekend, chairman of the working committee, Dr Lawrence Diau, underscores the huge significance the occasion is for the Takwa community.

Bishop Peter Houhou being escorted by youth Parishioners

In paying homage, Dr Diau said the road has been long and hard, with some loved ones having passed on and not being able to be present with fellow Takwans to witness this momentous occasion.

“The church can accommodate a congregation of 1000-plus,” an elated Dr Diau adds.

Also listed among the achievements to be celebrated are the completion of the new house for the priest, “Patere”, rest houses and significant monuments for the people of Takwa.

 Parish Priest,  Fr. Selerino Diau(left) holding a shell money gifted by visiting parishioners from Maluu Parish.

Mr Diau said, “Since my committee came in less than 24 months ago, we were able to pick up from where the works left off, and complete the church building, which had taken about 20 years to complete.”

The working committee is based in Honiara, and all their activities are focused on the church construction and the needs to make the work progress.

“We are also able to complete the new house for the parish priest, Patere, plus the rest house and some significant monumental structures in this parish.

Bishop Peter Houhou of Auki Diocese

“It is something significant for the people here, a new path, and significant positive thing to their belief and faith.”

The highlight of the opening day on Friday was the presence of the Bishop of Auki, Peter Houhou. A special welcome was staged by the St Therese youths.

Diau estimates that “between 5,000 and10,000” people graced the three-day occasion, with invitation having been sent to other parishes within the Northern Deanery of the Diocese of Auki.

“The highlight of the programme will be the blessing of the building, which will be held on Sunday, feasting and entertainment will be held which will make it a good three days of happiness and celebration,” Diau reports.

The celebrations at Takwa

Diau says the Takwa community and his committee feel proud and happy with their achievement.

He adds by acknowledging those who have helped in the journey to complete their buildings.

“On this note, we would like to highlight and thank the sponsors who have supported us. Business houses, individuals and family and friends overseas who have assisted in goods and kind.”

The programme began on Friday and ended on Sunday, December 19.