China commits to assisting Solomon Islands


New Peoples Republic of China (PRC) Ambassador Cai Weiming has said China will continue to provide assistance to Solomon Islands to the best of its ability.

He assured that China will continue to share opportunities from China’s path to modernisation.

The ambassador highlighted the aim to create greater synergy between the Belt and Road Initiative and the 2035 Development Strategy of Solomon Islands.

“We will stick to the pursuit of win-win cooperation and make the cake bigger,” Mr Cai said.

He highlighted the focus of China’s support includes the development of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects in Solomon Islands. Additionally, China aims to promote the export of more competitive Solomon Islands agricultural and fishery products to China, support rural livelihoods, and deepen police and security cooperation with Solomon Islands to contribute to social and economic development.

Cai expressed a dedication to enhancing people-to-people exchanges and consolidating the friendship between the two nations.

China plans to facilitate sub-national cooperation, strengthen exchanges with local provinces and cities, and expand the circle of friendships between the two countries.

“We will propel the momentum of people-to-people exchanges and consolidate the friendship between our two people,” Cai said.

China will continue to facilitate the sub-national cooperation, enhance exchanges with local provinces and cities, and expand the circle of friendships between our two countries.

“In our four years of relationship, PRC has done much for Solomon Islands and our people.

“I have been on two official visits to China in this short period already, and on these two occasions, I had fruitful face-to-face discussion with your President Xi Jinping,” Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said.

Sogavare emphasised that the benefits derived from these discussions will continue to positively impact the people of Solomon Islands in the future.

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