Children should be judged on their ability: Masepitu


LITERACY Coordinator of Western Province, Mavete Masepitu, says schools within the province lacked proper system to monitor children’s learning ability.

She said the existing system of monitoring and evaluation of children learning is more like judging children based on their performance and not their ability.

Masepitu suggests that a system where a diagnosing test on the ability of children performance should be done at the beginning of semester to determine children’s strength and weaknesses be put in place.

She stresses that the tests can determine areas where teachers and parents can collaborate in helping children’s learning at school and homes.

Masepitu said children’s learning differs from each other so as their learning ability and that it is important for schools to establish a system where children’s ability can improve their performance.

“It is obvious the teachers can easily recognise children ability to learn.

“We can categories children based on their learning ability and this is the baseline information we as teachers need to focus more to help the low learning children,” she said.

Masepitu said most schools in the country failed to accommodate proper approach towards children learning more especially an environment where children with special needs can best fit in the learning process.

She adds that there are children with special needs among other children in classrooms and lack of proper learning process forced children with special needs on the bottom of the learning process.

Masepitu said the lack of schools available for children with special needs is also a huge problem that needs immediate attention.

She made the statement during a stakeholders meeting organized by Save the Children to discuss how “Helpem Smol Wan Skool Gud” project can be delivered effectively.

Helpem Smol Wan Skool Gud Project is implemented by Save the Children through funds from Education Sector Support Program (ESSP).

Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) is a joint partnership between the government of Solomon Islands, Australia and New Zealand toward education development and services in the country.

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