Chiefs unhappy with leaders over Malaita Day event


Chief Ismael Bongi speaking on behalf of the chiefs attending the Malaita 2nd Appointed Day which was celebrated on Wednesday at the National Auditorium.

CHIEFS of the Malaita province attending the open forum are disappointed with Malaita’s 36 provincial members and 14 Members of Parliament for not supporting the province’s 35th Second Appointed Day.

Malaitans residing in Honiara celebrated their province’s big Day but they were not satisfied with the event due to less support shown from their top leaders.

On Wednesday, they held an open forum that dealt with important issues relating to land, which is a crucial aspect for Malaita’s development in the near future.

Speaking for Malaitan chiefs, Chief Ismael Bongi said Malaitans who attended the Malaita 35th anniversary of the 2nd Appointed Day are not happy with their 36 provincial members and 14 members of Parliament.

Bongi said this is a big event for Malaita, but its leaders have not shown support, which resulted in participants to the open forum being served only sandwich and biscuits as light refreshments.

He said this implies a bad picture to Malaita communities in Honiara that their most anticipated event is treated as ‘just another programme’.

“It seems like the 36th anniversary coming up next year; people will be feeding with snacks,” Bongi said.

“That is why we, people of Malaita are looking for MPs see and know the importance of Malaita 2nd Appointed, and we need that intending candidate on next election.”

In addition to that, Bongi conveys disappointment with the event’s organising committee, citing lack of awareness and promotion beforehand.

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