Maelanga highlights infrastructure projects


DEPUTY Prime Minister, Manasseh Maelanga has highlighted the ongoing national infrastructures projects nationwide in Parliament on Tuesday.

Speaking on the sine die motion, Mr Maelanga, also the Minister of Infrastructure Development, said the country’s infrastructure development means new roads, bridges and wharves and also expanded internet.

He said that a number of ticket projects are planned and already started to improve the infrastructure development in the country.

The projects includes the upgrading of the international airport, roads from Kukum to Henderson, the tarsealing of domestic airports and the construction of wharves and bridges in the provinces.

Furthermore, Maelanga said in Temotu province, there is a planned trade relationship underway.

“Our task therefore is to ensure that these plans go with the relevant infrastructure plans and actual infrastructure.

“We must prepare to construct the relevant infrastructure to secure that side of our country,” he said.

In Makira/Ulawa Province, Maelanga also said that work has already commenced in various infrastructures.

“We must also make sure the rump at Kirakira is completed successfully.

“That internal roads connecting will also be developed including bridges,” he said.

Maelanga said Makira province has huge capacity in the agriculture sector therefore it needs the roads to connect the farmers, wharves to load and unload products and so forth.

In Malaita province Maelanga said Malu’u wharf should commence as soo as the contractor is engaged.

“This will ease pressure at Auki wharf as the Malaita Northern Malaita Region beefs up its economic activities,” he said.

He further stated that in Auki the Kokola Taba’a road will also be priorities to connect Auki with these communities.

He also said that the government will also support proposed communication infrastructure for Sikaiana.

In Guadalcanal Province, Maelanga said that Aola Marau Road will be prioritised to connect that part of Guadalcanal into the opportunities available between South Guadalcanal.

Moreover, he said that Rennell Bellona his ministry will maintain and expand the road network covering the World Heritage site to the Airport and township which was factored in the national development infrastructure plan.

For Choiseul he said they will enhance their road programme and ensure that the necessary infrastructure plans towards the new township is captured within the plan.

Maelanga said that Tulagi roads will also be implemented for Central Islands Province as one of the tourist destination.

In Isabel, Maelanga said there is an ongoing programme to support provincial, private and national initiatives to construct new roads connecting potential economic hub and social services.

For Western province the government prioritise constructing a new wharf in Maravo and that will commence after engineering formalities are finalised.

Maelanga said that the country’s development must not only meet economic targets but must also embrace a united Solomon Islands.

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